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Hannah Kelly is a fifth generation Missourian, born and raised on her family's farm in Norwood, Missouri. Raised on a dairy/beef farm, and now a cattle farmer, Hannah has experienced first-hand what all Missouri farmers know - that farming is more than a profession. It's who we are, and it's also a critical part of our economy. 


A devout Christian, Hannah believes in servant leadership. Whether through volunteering at church or in the community, Hannah is committed to investing in our youth to help prepare them for the role they will certainly play as productive citizens and active members of our community. 


Never satisfied with mediocre, Hannah has worked feverishly to advance and improve in all areas of her life. She is a successful real estate broker, gaining the title of Managing Broker at Earth Outdoor Properties at the age of 23.


Being an advocate for others—be they home sellers and buyers, children, farmers, or her constituents in the 141st—is Hannah’s passion. Hannah has consistently worked in the People’s House and in her community to represent the people she serves. This dedication to service and determination to do what’s right has equipped Hannah with the skill, drive, and experience to succeed in the Missouri Legislature.


Hannah is ready to staunchly defend our rights.

Representative Hannah Kelly of the Missouri 141st District

"I want to be known as a person who truly cares, because it’s not about the title, it’s about the reason why you’re here. At the end of the day, this building and all of this stuff isn’t what makes the government. It’s the body and the representation of the people."

- Hannah Kelly 



Hannah Kelly is Pro Life and endorsed by Missouri Right to Life. Hannah believes that the rights granted in our Constitution apply to all unborn children. Hannah believes that Missouri's greatest treasure is its youngest generation.


Hannah Kelly is a small business owner and knows first-hand how unbridled government regulations and taxes can harm a local small business. Hannah understands that Missouri's small towns were built by small businesses on our local main streets. Hannah believes the best way for a government to create family supporting jobs is to get out of the way.


Hannah Kelly is passionate about children and wants to ensure that no child is left behind. Hannah not only talks the talk on this issue but she walks the walk. Hannah Kelly will soon be a licensed foster care provider and will provide foster children with respite and emergency care.


Hannah Kelly is a member of the NRA and a strong defender of the 2nd Amendment. Hannah is also an avid outdoor enthusiast and hunter.


Hannah Kelly believes that a promise made is a promise that should be kept. That is why Hannah is a staunch advocate for our veterans and active duty personnel. Hannah believes that the greatness of America is not found in Jefferson City or Washington D.C. but is found in the men and women who protect our freedoms.

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